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We provide quick and smart legal services related to Indiana Family Law, Indiana Criminal Defense, Indiana DCS/CPS, ERISA/Long Term Disability Claims,  and Indiana Estate Planning and Probate.

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Homan and Zentz meets the legal needs of Hoosiers across the state of Indiana by providing honest, candid, and effective representation to help our clients reach their goals. We represent clients in family law matters, criminal matters, in cases involving DCS or CPS, disability claims, personal injury, bankruptcy, estate planning, wills, probate, and more.

The mission of Homan and Zentz is to provide effective outcomes for our clients in successfully addressing a wide variety of legal matters. We service clients that need an Indiana Family Lawyer, an Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer,  an Indiana Estate Planning/Probate Lawyer, an Indiana DCS, or an ERISA/Long Term Disability Attorney while always making outstanding client service the hallmark of our practice. Through honest counsel, candid and responsive communication, and innovative legal strategies, we aim to deliver cost-effective results that help our clients overcome their legal challenges and reach their long-term goals.


Family Law


We're here to guide you in challenging times.


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Estate Planning


For families and individuals throughout Indiana.


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An experienced lawyer on your side.


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Defend your rights.


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Disability / ERISA


Denied a claim on your Long Term Disability Policy?


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Let us help you deal with transferring the estate of your loved one.


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Family law is a branch of the law that is concerned with all of the legal issues that are connected to a family. The areas of family law include:
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