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The job of an Indiana family law attorney is a lot more than negotiating monthly checks and financial obligations. It is about taking the steps necessary to build a better tomorrow for yourself and those of your children by achieving practical legal solutions that honor your interests and rights under the law, and provide you with the financial stability and familial connections you need and deserve. 

It is often the case that people enter into family law situations with the idea that having “no lawyers” is somehow an ideal option. This is no doubt based on the caricatures of unscrupulous family law attorneys who make things worse for all parties involved by creating tension, drama, and arguments, all at your expense.

At Homan and Zentz, our approach to family law could not be further from this sad (and yet sometimes true) characterization. Our mission is to work with you to reach the most beneficial outcome for you in your case, and we always aim to save costs and reduce drama by using practical and innovative methods to reach agreements wherever possible.




There is nothing more important to the effectiveness of the attorney-client relationship than trust and honesty. We are committed to keeping you updated at all times with the information you need for long-term success.


Legal issues don’t exist in a vacuum – the need for a reliable attorney presents real-life challenges that affect you and your family. We take the time to understand your unique circumstances and tailor our representation accordingly.


You don’t have the time or resources to waste on an attorney who is unwilling or unable to provide you with the answers you need. We always provide transparency and clarity on our clients’ matter.

While we do primarily pursue options that save our clients money and foster ongoing harmony through amicable negotiation and agreement, we always know that litigating complicated matters – especially when difficult personalities are involved – is sometimes required, and we are prepared to take all necessary steps to achieve the most optimal outcome for you and your children through the years to come, whether inside or outside of the courtroom.



Andrew Homan

Attorney at Law

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About Andrew Homan

Andrew is an Indiana native with a long history of service to his home state. Prior to joining the Indiana Bar, Andrew served as an aide to Congress for two members of Indiana’s delegation, and he also served as the Deputy Director of the Indiana Bar Foundation, where he assisted in promoting strong client service standards for attorneys in representing Indiana residents.

After attending the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Andrew gained significant legal experience serving as in-house counsel to a national corporation, and he brings his rich experience working on behalf of corporate interests, non-profits, and the citizens of Indiana to bear in helping clients from around the state in meeting their legal goals.

Andrew’s vision has always been to deliver excellent results and outstanding client service in a wide variety of legal matters. He has quickly built a stellar reputation and rapidly growing client base for providing efficient and highly effective legal counsel to residents across the state.


Matthew Zentz

Attorney at Law

About Matthew Zentz

Matthew is an aggressive attorney that fights for clients on every level. He started his adult life at the age of 17, when he became a United States Marine. He spent his 18th birthday in Kuwait during the 1st gulf war. Matt worked as a Teamster for 13 years and fought for workers rights. Matt has 6 children and 4 grandchildren, he understands that family is important. Matt comes from very humble beginnings, has traveled the world and has a blue collar background; which allows him to connect with people from any walk of life. Matt has served his country and community since a young age and will continue to serve.


Christina Futrell


About Christina Futrell

Christina has spent most of her years as an Investigative Paralegal assisting with major felony cases, prior to joining our office. She assists with gathering and analyzing evidence, preparing lists of documents, drafting and filing pleadings and court applications, interviewing witnesses and communicating with clients and related parties. Christina has assisted with Juvenile, CHINS, Supreme Court and Appellate Court actions. She also has experience with the United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana, as well as Southern District of New York. Christina obtained her Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies in 2006, Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies in 2011, and has begun working towards her Masters in Forensic Psychology. Christina is also a licensed Private Investigator and owns her own PI Firm.